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    Private mortgage loans offer a ray of hope for those who have been turned down by traditional banks due to stringent lending criteria.

    Secure a Private Mortgage with Reputable Lenders in Ontario

    At ORION Financial, we specialize in connecting borrowers with reputable private lenders in Ontario. Our expertise in the private lending landscape ensures that you can access the financing you need, even if you face credit challenges or unique property circumstances. We work with a network of trusted private lenders who offer competitive rates and flexible terms.

    Our process is designed to be fast and efficient, ensuring that you can secure your private mortgage swiftly, whether for a property purchase, refinancing, or debt consolidation. We understand that navigating the private lending market can be complex, so our team of experts is here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless and secure private mortgage experience in Ontario.

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    What is a Private Mortgage?

    A Private Mortgages Toronto, also known as a private loan or alternative mortgage, is a financing solution that exists outside traditional lending institutions like banks or credit unions. Typically, the duration of a private mortgage falls within the range of 6-24 months. In Toronto, private mortgages provide a valuable alternative for individuals who may not qualify for conventional loans due to credit issues, income fluctuations, or unique property circumstances.

    Private Mortgages in Toronto are typically offered by private investors or lending companies and are secured by the property itself. They can be a flexible and timely solution for those seeking quick access to capital for property purchases, refinancing, or debt consolidation.

    Unlike traditional mortgages, private mortgages often have shorter terms, and higher interest rates, and may cater to specific financial needs. Their principal focus centers on the equity held within your home. Traditional private lenders generally grant loans of up to 80% and, in specific scenarios, up to 85% based on a property’s assessed value.. This offers a way to leverage your real estate assets effectively and bridge financial gaps, making them a viable choice for individuals navigating Toronto’s dynamic housing market.


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    Types of Private Mortgage Lenders

    Individual Lenders

    Individual Lenders

    These are private individuals who invest their personal funds by lending them directly to borrowers. Individual lenders often offer flexible terms and may be more lenient when assessing creditworthiness. This type of private lending is particularly suitable for those who require a personalized and tailored approach to their mortgage needs.

    Syndicate Lenders

    Syndicate Lenders

    Syndicate lenders pool funds from multiple investors or partners to finance mortgages. This approach allows for larger loan amounts and increased diversification of risk. Borrowers dealing with syndicate lenders benefit from a collective pool of resources and expertise, making it a viable option for complex real estate transactions.

    Mortgage Investment Corporations MICs

    Mortgage Investment Corporations (MICs)

    MICs are specialized corporations that invest in a portfolio of mortgages. They offer shares to investors and generate returns by collecting interest and fees from borrowers. MICs are a regulated form of private lending and can provide borrowers with competitive rates and structured mortgage solutions.

    Do Private Lenders Need to Be Licensed in Ontario?

    In Ontario, private lenders, which can include individuals, groups of individuals, or corporations, generally do not require licensing. However, mortgage brokers connecting borrowers with private lenders must be licensed by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA). 

    To navigate this regulatory landscape and ensure a secure mortgage experience, consider ORION Financial. As licensed mortgage brokers in Toronto, we specialize in various mortgage categories to provide tailored solutions. Our expertise ensures you receive top-notch guidance when exploring private lending options in Ontario, prioritizing your financial goals and security.

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    When Should You Get a Private Mortgage?

    Private Mortgages in Toronto can be a strategic financial tool in specific circumstances. Here are scenarios where obtaining a private mortgage may be advantageous:

    Poor credit history: If you have a low credit score or have had issues with credit in the past, private mortgage financing may be a better option as they often have more relaxed credit criteria.

    Self-employed individuals: Private mortgage financing can be a good choice for self-employed individuals as traditional banks often require proof of steady income, which can be challenging to provide.

    Time-Sensitive Transactions: Private mortgages are often faster to secure than traditional loans, making them suitable for quick property purchases or investment opportunities.

    Unique Property Situations: Private Mortgage Loans can be a good option for properties that may not fit within conventional lending guidelines, such as non-conventional homes or rental properties.

    Debt Consolidation: Consolidating high-interest debts into a private mortgage can lead to lower overall interest payments.

    Renovation and Repair: Private mortgages can fund property improvements, increasing its value.

    Short-term Financing: If you require short-term capital and plan to refinance with a conventional lender later, a private mortgage can bridge the gap.

    What is the Interest Rate for a Private Mortgage?

    Multiple factors, such as the loan amount, property value, location, and individual lender criteria, influence private mortgage Toronto interest rates. They generally range from approximately 3.99% to as high as 13% for a first private mortgage and from around 6.99% to as high as 18% for a second private mortgage. The specific rate offered depends on several key considerations:

    Loan Characteristics: Interest rates may differ based on the loan amount and the property’s assessed value.

    Property Location: Property location can impact rates, with certain areas carrying higher risk factors.

    Lender Specifics: Different private lenders may have varying rate structures. Individual private investors may offer more competitive rates compared to Mortgage Investment Corporations (MICs) because they don’t have to provide as high a return to investors.

    Borrower Profile: Private lenders may consider the borrower’s financial situation and credit history when setting rates.

    It’s important to note that borrowers often turn to private lenders when conventional options, like banks and alternative lenders, have declined their applications. While private mortgage rates may be higher, they provide a valuable lifeline for those who may not qualify through traditional channels. Consulting with a mortgage professional can help you explore your options and find a private mortgage solution tailored to your needs.

    What Are The Fees Involved With Getting A Private Mortgage?

    When considering a private mortgage, it’s essential to be aware of the various fees involved beyond just the interest rate. In addition to interest rates, private lenders may charge various fees, including:

    • Loan origination fees
    • Underwriting fees
    • Administrative costs (which can vary from lender to lender)

    If you work with a mortgage broker to connect with a private lender, they may also charge a fee or commission for their services. Other potential expenses to consider:

    • Appraisal costs
    • Legal fees
    • Title insurance
    • Prepayment penalties

    The total fees you can expect with lender and broker charges, excluding legal fees, can range from as low as 2% to as high as 10% of the total loan amount. These fees depend on factors like the loan size, how complex the transaction is, and the risk assessment made by the lender.

    However, in many cases, these fees are subtracted from the loan when it’s issued, so borrowers don’t have to pay them upfront. For example, if you’re getting a $50,000 private mortgage and the combined lender and broker fee is 3%, plus there are $1,000 in legal expenses, your total closing costs for the mortgage would be $2,500. To cover these costs, you would apply for a $52,500 mortgage instead of $50,000. This way, all the closing costs are covered by the loan itself, saving you from immediate out-of-pocket expenses.

    How to Qualify for a Private Mortgage in Toronto?

    Private mortgages in Toronto require a unique approach compared to traditional lending. Private lenders prioritize factors beyond credit scores and income stability. Here are the key factors most private lenders consider important when evaluating a potential borrower and the mortgage they are seeking

    • Private lenders primarily consider the amount of equity in your property. They are more concerned about the property's appraised value than your credit history or income. The higher the equity, the better your chances of approval.

    • Toronto's dynamic real estate market can influence the approval process. Some areas may be more appealing to private lenders due to perceived market stability and growth potential.

    • Private lenders usually cap their loan amounts at a certain percentage of the property's value, known as the LTV ratio. Typically, they may lend up to 80% of the property's value, although in some cases, it could go up to 85%.

    • Private lenders want to see a clear plan for repaying the mortgage. This often involves a defined exit strategy, such as selling the property or refinancing with a traditional lender once your financial situation improves.

    • Be prepared for higher interest rates and additional fees with private mortgages. Understanding these costs and their impact on your financial situation is crucial.

    • A professional appraisal of your property is often required to determine its current value. The borrower typically bears this cost.

    • While private mortgages are more flexible, you will still need to provide some documentation, such as property-related paperwork, identification, and proof of your exit strategy.

    • Enlisting the help of a mortgage broker or financial advisor experienced in private lending can be invaluable. They can connect you with suitable lenders and guide you through the process.

    • Having legal representation to review and negotiate the terms of the private mortgage is advisable. Legal fees may be incurred during the transaction.

    How Fast Can You Get a Private Mortgage?

    The speed at which you can secure a private mortgage can vary, but it is generally faster than obtaining a traditional mortgage. Private Mortgages Toronto are known for their quick approval and funding timelines, which can be as short as 48 hours to up to 3 weeks. The expedited process is due to the reduced emphasis on credit checks and income verification, focusing more on property equity.
    Several factors influence the timeline, including the complexity of the transaction, property appraisal, and the efficiency of the private lender and broker involved. Straightforward deals can be processed rapidly, while more intricate transactions may take slightly longer.

    In urgent situations where time is of the essence, private mortgages provide a viable solution for acquiring the necessary funds promptly, making them suitable for time-sensitive real estate investments or financial needs.

    Pros and Cons of Private Mortgages in Toronto


    1. Quick Approval: Private mortgages offer a faster approval process compared to traditional banks, making them ideal for time-sensitive real estate transactions.
    2. Flexible Qualifications: Private lenders focus more on property equity and less on credit scores or income stability, allowing individuals with credit challenges to secure financing.
    3. Customized Terms: Private mortgages offer flexibility in structuring repayment terms, interest rates, and loan amounts to suit your specific financial situation and goals.
    4. Property Variety: They can be used for various property types, including unconventional or unique properties that traditional lenders might avoid.
    5. Consolidate Debt, Improve Credit: Struggling with unsecured debt? A private mortgage can help you consolidate your credit card and personal loan debt, reducing your repayments and improving your credit score.


    1. Higher Costs: Private mortgages typically come with higher interest rates and fees, increasing the overall cost of borrowing.
    2. Shorter Terms: Private mortgage terms are usually shorter, necessitating a clear exit strategy for repayment.
    3. Riskier for Borrowers: If you fail to meet repayment terms, private lenders may initiate foreclosure proceedings more swiftly than traditional lenders.
    4. Limited Consumer Protection: Private mortgages may offer a different level of consumer protection than traditional mortgages, requiring extra diligence on the borrower’s part.